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Name the Batsman who scored 12000 runs in Test Cricket ?
Sachin Tendulkar
Brain Lara
Ricky Ponting
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12/15/2009 Should Andhra be split and Telangana get separate statehood?
11/15/2008 Who was the only player of the current generation to be included in Bradman's dream team?
11/15/2008 Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born in ........
11/15/2008 Name the Batsman who scored 12000 runs in Test Cricket ?
11/07/2008 Who is the only Indian to feature in the '25 Sexiest Men' list compiled by E! News ?
11/05/2008 Who has been elected the first African-American president of the United States ?
10/27/2008 According to Chineese official Xinhua News Agency who ranked the tenth position in tennis beauty?
10/24/2008 The sexiest pin up girls according to Filmfare survey in India is
10/19/2008 Who is the highest run scorer in test cricket ?
10/08/2008 Who will be the next President of America?
06/15/2008 According to FHM, a leading men's magazine in India, who is the sexiest woman alive in the world?
05/25/2008 Which is the sixth largest state in INDIA?
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